360 Degree Aerial View of Ashwa Poojan at City Palace, Udaipur


After seeing our Lake Pichola aerial panorama Eternal Mewar and HRH group asked us if we can do something like this for there “Ashwa Poojan” event. It was a new experience for us as we created the first aerial panorama of any live event. It was also a very challenging task as the event was only for 30 mins and we were assigned to take one aerial video and one panorama.

We reached to the venue one day prior to the event to understand the location and timing of the event. The whole event was very well planed and every minute wise plan was mentioned on the paper. We done our flying test 2-3 times and planned our shots for the event. This panorama is stitched with 8 individual images taken with fisheye lens.

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