Bird’s Eye View of Lake Pichola Udaipur by PixelDo.Com



Recently PixelDo.Com’s team visited Udaipur for their most awaited project of Udaipur Gigapixel Image and took this amazing 360 degree aerial panorama of lake pichola.

During the three day visit to Udaipur we shot many images for the final gigapixel image and sharing one of the aerial view over here.This shot is taken with our remote controlled fly camera. It was a rainy day and rain was not supporting the shoot but somehow we managed to take this 360 degree panoramic view of lake pichola. It always boost my adrenaline when I fly over any water body says Pranshu Dubey who is the lead photographer at PixelDo.Com and shot this Image.Team at helped us a lot in finding locations for the shoot.

PixelDo is soon coming up with Udaipur 16 Gigapixel interactive image. It will be India’s first gigapixel image and any internet user can zoom and explore the udaipur city in extreme detail. These aerial shots has been taken as a part of the gigapixel project and if we get sponsorship for the project then more aerial views will be taken. If you are a hotel and want a dedicated aerial panorama, Images and Videos for your hotel you contact us email on Hello@PixelDo.Com
Do mail us on Hello@PixelDo.Com for more details.


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  1. I’ve never seen those photos of India. They are beuuitfal. I can only imagine stretching out on those beuuitfal lounge chairs by the water and being served. The architecture there is amazing.

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