Travelling With Drone

  • forest drone video

    Pilibhit Forest Uttar Pradesh Drone Video

    We were exploring google maps in satellite view and saw a big forest zone and a water body inside it. We thought to go and see what is there. We took a detour of 80 KM and reached at this place. Can’t believe that India is so beautiful. See yourself. Share if this has given […]

  • ramgarh

    The Ramgarh Bungalows – Neemrana Hotels

    Have a look at this beautiful property we stayed in during #EpicTrip. This is Neemrana’s Ramgarh Bungalow. We made a small video for them. I will not have to write much about the property as the video itself will tell you about its beautiful location and views. These bungalows are from british era and built […]

  • kibber chicham

    Kibber – Chicham Ropeway

    Kibber – Chicham Ropeway is one amazing example of the will power of people of Spiti. From road it takes a lot of time to reach one place to another and hence people made this ropeway which saves a lot of time. There is a bridge under construction connecting Kibber and Chicham and that is […]

  • jog waterfall

    Jog Waterfall – Drone Video

    Jog Falls, Gerosoppa Falls or Joga Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in India located near Sagara taluk, Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka. It is a segmented waterfall which, depending on rain and season, becomes a plunge waterfall. Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft), making it […]

  • ramgarh

    Meet Basanti of Ramgarh, Uttarakhand – Drone Video

    Exploring Ramgarh on our fourth day, we were confronted by this sweet and old shepherdess ‘Basanti bai’. She told us about her life and how the four goats were the only thing she had left. She was amazed by seeing this drone and asked us “yeh swarg tak jata hai kya(does it go till heaven)?” […]

  • lonar lake

    Drone Video Showing The Massive Size of Lonar Lake

    Lonar Lake is a saline soda lake located at Lonar in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India, which was created by a meteor impact during the Pleistocene Epoch and it is the only known hyper velocity impact crater in basaltic rock anywhere on earth. Many tourists visit places that surround this lake, like the UNESCO World Heritage […]

  • waterfall

    Aerial View of Dhuandhar Waterfall Jabalpur – Madhya Pradesh

    The Dhuandhar Falls (धुआंधार) is a waterfall in Jabalpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The word Dhuandhar is derived from two Hindi words – Dhuan (smoke) + Dhar (flow) meaning a waterfall where we get smoke-flow like feeling (this smoke is formed by water vapours or the smoke cascade). Enjoy this amazing […]

  • Kee Monastery

    Watch These 6 Amazing Aerial Videos From Spiti Valley

    It was an off season for us at PixelDo as we can’t fly drones during the monsoons. Apart from that the visibility is not very good and we can’t shoot such images for commercial projects. So we thought of utilizing this time by planning a road trip from Mumbai to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. We […]