Kayaking at Upper Vaitarna Dam

I’ve been a traveler for a while and have a special place for water bodies in my heart. Every Time I saw an island I wondered of putting up a tent there and camping. As time passed by this feeling became very intense and just recently I bought my very own Kayak.

Today I drove down to Vaitarna reservoir which is around 130km from Mumbai with Samprati and Divya to unbox the kayak. Added another feather to my traveler’s hat and the experience cannot be expressed.

At this reservoir if you want to camp then the best place is Saturli Village. This placed is even marked on google maps. It has a flat land along the waterbody and best for camping. One can easily take there car and motorcycles to this area.

We were having airtel and vodafone and only vodafone worked. There are only 1 or 2 food points in nearby village so if you are planning to camp here then take your food and water along. Villagers are very supportive and place is overall safe.

Camping location : https://goo.gl/maps/NQpZAE3FmNz

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