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PixelDo – A One-Stop Source to Buy Drone Stock Footage

There is a photographic revolution happening in the skies above us and PixelDo is bringing this revolution to your doorstep! Offering a one-stop solution to buy drone footage, our purpose is to make drone imagery easily accessible to anybody in the country for commercial projects. To meet the ever-growing desire for high-quality drone stock footage in the creative community, we are continuously expanding our collection of cinematic-grade aerial clips in our library—plus, our contributors are also constantly providing new, exciting aerial footages to us. Here are 4 factors to consider to elevate your business with epic aerial drone stock footage!

What are Drone Stock Videos?

Drone Stock Videos are comprehensive archive of stock footage shot by some of our exclusive contributors that are some of the top Drone Video Professionals with years of experience shooting HD footage to the highest standards possible.

Why should you buy Drone Stock Videos?

Drone Aerial Stock Footage Video is becoming a great tool for businesses. Drone footage allows you to really take your consumers on a ride and tell them a story from a different perspective. One that can take place from a bird’s eye view. At PixelDo, we have embraced this new technology added it to the street level conversation and created a whole new way to visually communicate to your customers and potential customers.

Why should you consider PixelDo for Drone Footage?

We are India’s leading service provider for high-quality Aerial videography in India. Offering Aerial Videos Shoots and Aerial Photographs using the latest technology remote Controlled “Drones” and most sophisticated aircraft. Our helicams are outfitted with the best technology available, including GPS-guided navigation, industry leading flight controllers, and HD live video downlinks. Our low altitude professional Drone videography helicams could be used in Films, TV shows, Commercials, Real Estate, Events, Wedding Videos and others to provide a different perspective to your customers.

Know more about PixelDo Clients and Drone Stock Video Collections.

Quality of work comes first with us and strong client relationships are our priority. We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients from all sorts of different sectors of business. Our clientele list includes Godrej Properties, Maruti Suzuki, Neemrana Hotels, L & T Construction, Cremo Pictures Inc., HBO, Nutopia, KEO Films, Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Ltd, Rajkumar Hirani Films, Nirvana Films and Dentsu Impact to name a few. Our Drone Stock Video Collections include stock footages shot in the various states of the country. We have featured a very select group of cream-of-the-crop Drone Video Pros. Feel free to look around at our epic footages and get in touch with us at to know more.

Our aim is to innovate continuously and serve the best products that enhance the experience of your business. We are proud to say that we are amongst the first to create, virtual tours, giant Gigapixel images, immersive 360-degree panoramic photographs, high definition aerial videos and virtual reality based interactive media for various business sectors. To know more about PixelDo media you can write to us at

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