Aerial Photography In India

Aerial Photography in India:

We are happy to announce our service of Aerial Photography in India for the first time. Our Aerial Photography Services are builds on recent development in radio controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform technology, and the development of light weight high definition cameras, to bring you better aerial photos at less cost than ever previously possible.

The Technology Behind Aerial Photography:

Aerial Photography is the technique of taking photos of the ground from the top. Aerial Photography came into focus when camera is not supported by a ground based structure. Most of the time cameras are remotely triggered or triggered automatically but sometimes cameras are hand held or mounted and photos may be taken by photographer. Few Platforms are popular for Aerial Photography includes multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Balloons, Rockets, Kites, Parachutes, Fixed-wing Aircraft, helicopters and vehicle Mounted Poles. Sometimes people get confused Air-to-Air photography with Aerial Photography but the truth is they are totally different.

  • Aerial Virtual Tour and Mapping

    Aerial Virtual Tour and Mapping

  • Equipment used for Aerial Photography in India:

    There development combines with digital video photography bring an entirely unique experience and perspective to corporate,promotional and tourist video. Simply put, we use a HD camera onboard a remote controlled unmanned drone hexacopter to capture the story you want to tell, to share it with the world.

  • Air-to-Air photography Vs Aerial Photography:

    In India when you need aerial photos, hiring a plane or helicopter, paying for fuel, a crew, airport fees and a photographer really can eat up your budget. We offer a better way. One operator, a portable remote-controlled helicopter, and excellent aerial photos at a fraction of the cost of the traditional method.We can attend to your aerial photography needs almost anywhere in the India,in urban or remote locations.

We can Help

• Tourism Companies, Resorts, Outdoor adventures
• Sporting Events, Stadiums
• Movies and Entertainment
• Municipalities and Government
• Marketing Firms
• Weddings and Reunions
• Builders and Developers
• Real Estate Sales, Residential and Commercial
• Engineering and Architectural Firms
• Utilities

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