Night Aerial Panorama of Mumbai for DB Realty

Night Drone Panorama for DB Realty

Everyone is very fascinated towards the night view of Mumbai City and we are also attracted towards the beauty of the city during blue hour. In a recent project we offer a night aerial panorama to our client DB Realty. Though the night panorama was not in our package and our client has shown interest in seeing the night view from his tower location. And you know we never disappoint our clients. :)

After finishing our day shoot we stayed back at the property and planned for the evening shot. Having a proper camera setting was very important step for this shoot as sky turns blue only for 10 mins and we can not afford to waste that precious time.

Just before 5 mins of the blue hour time, We sent our machine in the sky and as soon as the sky turned blue we started capturing the images. And here is the result. Let us know if you are also interested in getting a night panorama from your project location.

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